Winner of the March Guess-the-Artist Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The artist who created the beautiful work featured in our March Guess-the-Artist Contest was none other than Rankin Inlet's Eetua Noah! Find out more after the jump.


A young artist living in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Eetua Noah has become famous within his community for creating beautiful depictions of traditional seal hunters. Typically working with dark stone, fur, and antler, Eetua's pieces feature unique combinations of textures and materials. His work demonstrates a particular attention to detail and a strong sense of style and aesthetic. Creative patterns and the masterful creation of movement are what allow Eetua's pieces to stand out. His ability to create unique and strong pieces is highly promising for an artist of such a young age.  Find out about more Nunavut artists here!

Congratulations to Jasmine Redfern from Iqaluit, NU for being the winner of the March contest!

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