Winner of the February Guess-the-Artist Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The artist who created the beautiful work featured in our February Guess-the-Artist Contest was none other than Pangnirtung's Jolly Attagoyuk! Find out more after the jump.


Jolly Attagoyuk was born on Broughton Island (now Qikiqtarjuaq). He now lives in Pangnirtung with his wife and four children. Jolly has been printmaking for over ten years. He studied at the local Arctic College (woodcuts) and then went to Iqaluit with his family for more printmaking courses. There, he studied etching, watercolour for printmaking, stencil, oil painting, silkscreen, and also a visual fine art and craft foundation course. After completing his diploma in 1994, Jolly joined the Uqqurmiut Centre for Printmakers in Pangnirtung. He has been busy ever since, painting and printing, teaching printmaking, and attending arts festivals across the arctic. 
During the winter of 2001, Jolly attended a jeweler’s course at Arctic College. His natural talents as an artist transferred easily to working in metal, and he enjoys the challenge of a new medium. Find out about more Nunavut artists here!

Congratulations to Cathy Lee from Shallow Lake, ON for being the winner of the February contest!

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