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2015 Artist Profiles

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Following Artists will be participating in the 2015 Nunavut Arts Festival

Adina Tarralik Duffy

Medium: Jewellery, Fashion Design

Community: Coral Harbour 

Adina was born in Coral Harbour, Nunavut. She enjoys working with her hands and bringing ideas to life using multi-medias. Her main focus started off with antler Jewellery in 2009 and recently started working with beluga vertebra, as well as designing a clothing line featuring original Ugly Fish leggings and jersey dresses. She incorporates, drawing, sewing, carving, beading, photography, up-cycling or vintage pieces and turn them into wearable art. 

 Not only does she love creating with her hands, Adina is also a published writer and enjoys writing short stories and essays. 


Donny Pitseolak

Community: Kimmirut

Medium: Print Making

Donny Pitseolak is known just as much for his dynamic storytelling as he is for his skillful carving. His parents, George and Nellie were artists as well as his five brothers. Donny learned how to carve by watching his father; he has been creating artwork since he was 14 years old. He specializes in stone but has also carves into ivory and antler, makes prints and paints. He encourages others to attend more art courses as they are very helpful.  


Frederick Silas Qulaut

Community: Igloolik

Medium: Carving

Frederick is a jeweler and precious-metal worker, born in Igloolik to a family of carvers who passed down the art at the age of 13. He has since been dedicated to his work and recently won the 2013 Bank of Montreal 1st Art Student Prize. After an introduction to Jewelry and Metalwork, Qulaut took an interest in the mixture of metalwork and carving stone. He enrolled in the Diploma Program for Jewelry and Metalwork at the Nunavut Arctic College. He has plans to finish the program shortly and open a jewelry shop in Igloolik as well as teach the art of jewelry making to his community. 


Jackie King

Community: Arviat

Medium: Sewing and Fashion

Jackie learned how to sew growing up watching her aunt and mother as a young girl in Coral Harbour. She appreciates that garments can be made to something long lasting and useful with such few materials. Jackie enjoys combining different northern materials in her designs and draws inspiration from the personal style of the people who wear them. She works full-time creating a mixture of contemporary and traditional clothing and is known for her versatility and skill.


Linda Nuilaalik

Community: Baker Lake

Medium: Wall Hangings

Linda began making her art later on in life at the age of 25. She was taught how to make wall-hangings from her mother-in-law, Marie Bouchard. It started off as a hobby but she now makes her art full-time. Her works are very colourful and include intricate designs.


Maria Nitayuk

Community: Kugaaruk

Medium: sewing/carving

Maria began making her art in 1965; she learned to carve from Ataata Vinivi and currently only works upon request. Maria works with many types of materials such as sealskin and caribou hides and carves into a variety of materials such as soapstone, serpentine, bones and tusks. Her inspiration to make art came from not only financial need, but her desire to pass on the art to her children and her late husband.


Mary Qingnatuk

Community Gjoa Haven

Medium: Tapitsry

Mary began sewing at the age of thirteen after learning from her mother Katie Kamimmalik. Mary is a masterful elder seamstress who has sewn traditional Inuit clothing for the many generations of children that comprise her large family. Mary uses materials hunted from the land, such as caribou skins and sealskins to make items such as mittens and kamiik that are both warm and beautiful. Mary enjoys going out on the land to hunt animals, which she uses to feed and clothe her children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. With a steady supply of hunted seal and caribou, Mary is able to both provide healthy food and warm clothing for her family.


Meleeto Akesuk

Community: Coral Harbour

Medium: Carving

Maleeto was born into a family of cavers with five siblings in 1993. He was inspired to carve from watching his father and was taught to carve by his father and grandfather, Peter and Nuna Parr. He began creating art in 2007 and is now working full time making art. He  has not taken any formal arts courses.


Paul Q. Malliki

Community: Repulse Bay

Medium: Carving

Paul Malliki made his first carving when he was five year old. He mostly taught himself how to carve because he “learned most things by hunting. By seeing what’s around me. When I hunt animals, I study them.” His sculptures are in high demand in museums across North America. Paul has an important role in promoting the development of carving among local artists: through his role as teacher of the Arctic College sculpture course.


Bion Viola Veeveacheak

Community: Taloyoak

Medium: Sewing 

Viola works part-time sewing mitts, wall hangings, sealskin hair clips and pins from the community of Taloyoak. She was inspired to become an artist from watching her mother and grandmother sew in her early childhood. She was taught the art from her aunts, mother, and grandmother and she has been dedicated to her work since.


Hannah Killurlark

Medium:  Sewing/Traditional Clothes, Dolls

Community: Baker Lake

Hannah was born on January 27th, 1939 in Tipyalik NU. Hannah taught herself how to create dolls in 1983, since then she has taught classes in the hamlet elementary and high school. She received an award for her teaching. Hannah’s daughter, Sally is following her mother’s footsteps by continuing the creative tradition of sewing.  


Igah Hainnu

Medium: Bead Work, Tapestries, Fashion, Jewellery, Carving

Community: Clyde River

Igah Hainnu was born on February 21, 1962 and is a resident of Clyde River. Igah watched her mother sewing growing up and began sewing as her mother did. Her father was a carver so naturally, at the age of 13 Igah started carving. Since then, Igah has been carving on and off and also has been doing tapestries, bead work, traditional clothing, and jewellery. Igah learned how to do all of these arts and crafts by watching her grandmother, mother and father. 

Igah’s art has been exhibited in the Ottawa School of Arts, The Museum of Aviation, and has also been featured in Inuit Art Quarterly magazine.


Jimmy Iqaluq

Medium: Carver

Community: Sanikiluaq 

Jimmy was born in Kataapik, near Sanikiluaq in 1947. He has been carving since he was 13 years old; he learned to carve by watching his parents, Mina and Samwillie. His carvings are inspired by his experience and knowledge as a hunter. . In 1995, Jimmy's work was shown in the "Keeping Our Stories Alive", exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2006, Jimmy won second prize at the Nunavut Arts Festival. His work is sought after by many collectors. Currently, he enjoys providing country food for this family and friends.


Lavinia Van Heuvelen

Medium: Jewellery and Metal Work

Community:  Iqaluit

Lavinia was born in November 25, 1992 and raised in Bowmansville, Ontario.  After completing high school, Lavinia decided to move to Iqaluit where she took and completed the Jewellery and metal work program. While taking the course Lavinia received several awards including: BMO First Art award 2012, Skills Canada Competition 2012, 9th annual national Jewellery student competition- Honorable Mention and awarded a solo exhibition, Great Northern Arts Festival 2013- most promising emerging artists award, & Great Northern Arts Festival 2014- Artist choice award, Jewellery Category. 

Since then Lavinia has continually worked with Jewellery and works at a studio in Iqaluit with other well-known Jewelers. 

Lavinia’s passion for art stems from her mother Illisapi who is also an artist.


Philippa Aggark

Medium: Sewing, Carving

Community:  Chesterfield Inlet. 

Philippa was born in Repulse Bay, Nu in 1960 but now calls Chesterfield Inlet her home. Philippa began creating art in the late 80’s, her mother in law; Bertha taught her how to carve. She also took a doll making class and also knows how to create wall hangings, amautis, and traditional dolls. Aggark’s art has appeared at the 1993 Keewatin Arts and Crafts Festival, in Ottawa shows, as well as in Rankin Inlet during the royal visit by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip